Simplicity could be perceived as an understatement, however it is unlikely in the design realm. The perception of minimalist design builds upon the style of embodying clean lines.

Whilst many have their definition and means on the less is more principle, so does interior design studio Line2pixels. Keeping it real simple, the colour palette is wheeled to a contrasting and a classic black and white shade. The design approach, on the other hand, has a story of its own, featuring a rendition of lines and pixels. All the more, the studio would not have been established without the founder and design principal, Pui Wee Chong.

It all began with his belief of simple steps leading to an unexpected route where he landed into the interior design scene. Finding out his passion that has led into a profession and finally, a studio is grounded in Kuala Lumpur. The notion of the office space is actually inspired by the journey of realising a dream, bearing a significance behind the name and the logo.

A line itself is infinite, because it can be extended from one end to another. As more lines are drawn, it takes on a potential form. The combination of other elements then transition into pixels, which creates the many interior illustrations. This represents the growth of unimaginable creative spaces.

The Reception

Turning that into reality, the interior accentuates clean lines and the uncluttered outlook. Despite its simplicity, the space is aesthetically combined with other design elements to give off that explicit yet a personalised taste of elegance. Predominantly in white, the black tones mostly highlight the outer line of the form. Specifically, from the entrance door, walls and towards the ceiling, the black line grants an interesting illusion of depth and volume within the space.

Not to mention, the tables are handpicked to match with the theme. Light fixtures filled the space, not placed as a trivial matter but playing its part as additional details to enhancing the whole composition of lines. Instilling something smooth on the surface, the beautiful grey marble pattern runs along the corner of the reception table. Besides that, its pattern stands as a supportive column at one expanse.

The Workspace

Functional with the intent to carry out the day-to-day tasks, the meeting room is ever-ready to house clients for the many design presentations. The workspace makes room for the hardworking, creative people to spend their time shaping their ideas comfortably, or explore in the library, where a collection of sample materials are stored, fabric pieces and colours are neatly hung for a better view to plan the schemes for the spaces in the making.

The Library

Speaking of colours, the space is also mixed with other shades. The additions comprise of glass for a seamless juxtaposition, while the almost burnt brown brick-wall posed as an outer façade for the semi-hidden, open-plan library. Cladded with chestnut timber texture, the cabinets simply fit into the picture perfectly. Sprucing up the space with something soft and refreshing, lush artificial greeneries imbue the pocket spaces in harmony.

Looking back at the mere beginning, Wee Chong’s gratefulness for the connections and his trustworthy team have put together a vision, grounded from a minimal office studio, not anything close to an ordinary one, but sophisticatedly lined up for realising interior spaces, made essentially for whom it is designed.


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