A long day calls for home. If a home can be like a perfect gateway on a grand cruise, that could have changed our perspective on certain standard about homes.

UEM Sunrise Sefina Residence is a luxurious apartment, with an exterior shaped like a ship permanently docked in the neighbourhood of Mont Kiara. Going with a tropical beach theme, the residents have the luxury of experiencing in one of Malaysia’s resort-style living that it is up on air.

Keeping the vision minimalist, modern yet not too rustic for one of the units, the doors opened to a room based in purely white. Blended with beautiful streaks of wooden tones on the floor, the walls are wainscoted, giving off an English classical look. The cosy grey modern console table with curved sides and corrugated texture cabinet doors embrace the homeowners with a warm welcome, as the round gold-ringed mirror complements the set.

The hallway is extensive towards the brightly-lit living room, widening towards the dining and kitchen area. Minimal without compromising aesthetics, the lavish marble-top prepares the table spread for six, where a versatile in-built island and storage drawer uphold the dining space in a striking navy blue shade. Reflecting the colour of the ocean, the white-fabricated contemporary high-stools are tucked in, excited for a food galore.

Clearly, the deep blue shade flows to the dry kitchen, made-to-order with the wooden open shelves and open-close cabinet drawers for storage. The kitchen top and backsplash are kept white for that clean contrast. It definitely would not be a feast without the light-coloured straw lampshades swinging down, shaped in a neat woven tribal hat for a rustic flair.

The Wet Kitchen

Distinctly, the living room is rather basic, not attention-seeking in personality, despite its function as a social space. Spacious enough to roam around, the light grey couch relaxes their masters to catch up on some good movies and series from the Netflix channel over supper on two irregular round coffee tables. All for an uncluttered outlook, a cut-out wooden white rectangular box is fixed onto the wall as a television console instead of a loose item on the floor.

When it comes to the sea, sand and sky, there are definitely more wild colours on the palette. However, the colours are brushed rather subtly with interesting pastel hues. Minty green paired with gold handles on the cabinets is the first-ever approach which carries a fresh touch for a wet kitchen. Graced in something sweet, bashful blush is preferred for the lady’s room. Every detail from the bed frame, side tables and wardrobe gorgeously impersonates a feminine presence.

The Master Room 

The finale of the tour ends at the master room. Echoing its pure white stance, the darker wooden flooring creates a more apparent contrast. With a larger space to boot, the dressing table and wardrobe perfectly rested opposite the door, making room for a transitional space to the bed. Exhibited in a classic black and white scheme, the décor pieces and floral cushions adorned the master suite’s get-up. Be it a permanent home or staycation address for a weekend, this design notion is an understated elegance for a reimagined cruise holiday lifestyle.


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